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February 2021

In preparation for the Plenary Assembly of the Catholic Biblical Federation in November 2021, we invite all members and friends of our Federation to pray for God’s blessing, the Holy Spirit’s guidance, and the intercession of Mary, the Mother of the Word, for all its regions and their activities. 

The intention for this month you can find here:

Presentation of the Region

CBF Southern and Western Europe Subregion gathers the countries of the European part of the Mediterranean, and all the Anglophone and Francophone countries on the continent. This region played an important role in the initial stages of the Catholic Biblical Federation’s growth, due to its historic relationship with countries on other continents. These European countries facilitated the process of connecting the Federation to the rest of the world and establishing its presence there. Today, the process has been somewhat reversed, and Europe benefits and is animated by the biblical vigor of those formerly “mission territories”. Still, the implementation of the principle that the Bible ought to inspire and guide the entire pastoral ministry in the Church remains a main challenge for the tradition-based Church in the countries of the Southern and Western Europe.

News from this Region

New edition of “The God who Speaks” Newsletter
02 Jul 2021

The edition 13 of ‘The God who Speaks’ newsletter is already online.

Grupo Editorial Verbo Divino launches a new edition of the Bible
24 Apr 2021

A new edition of the Bible was published in February by the Grupo Editorial Verbo Divino.

Towards the CBF 10th Plenary Assembly: Catholic Biblical Federation in Southern & Western Europe
17 Feb 2021

A few months before the CBF Plenary Assembly the reality and future perspectives of the Southern and Western European Sub-region were presented in the interventions of some representatives of the institutions that compose it.

CBF Southern and Western Europe News Blog

Editorial Verbo Divino (Spain)

Video presenting the publishing and missionary work of the Editorial Verbo Divino and the Grupo Editorial Verbo Divino from Spain. 

Le Service biblique catholique « Évangile et Vie » (France)

The Catholic Biblical Service "Gospel and Life" - or S.B.E.V. - is made up of people who wish to share their passion for this centuries-old book that is the Bible. Most of them are Catholics and are respectful of each person's religious and philosophical convictions. Graduated "Biblists", university graduates or animators in neighbourhoods, high schools and parishes, they love to read and to have people read.

The Biblical Museum of Tarragona (Catalonia, Spain)

Presentation of the Múseo Bíblico Tarraconense by its director, Dr. Andreu Muñoz Melgar

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