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May 2021

In preparation for the Plenary Assembly of the Catholic Biblical Federation in April 2022, we invite all members and friends of our Federation to pray for God’s blessing, the Holy Spirit’s guidance, and the intercession of Mary, the Mother of the Word, for all its regions and their activities. 

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Presentation of the Region

This region of the Catholic Biblical Federation brings together primarily Arabic-speaking countries of the Middle East and Northern Africa. Historically, these countries were the birthplace of the Bible itself, while Christians living there are, in some manner, the descendants of biblical characters. Complexity and diversity of the Bible is reflected in a great diversity of Christian rites and denomination present in the region. This diversity accounts for the richness of the region, but also poses a significant challenge in the area of diversity and dialogue, not least a dialogue with Islam. The beginnings of this region date back to 1985 when the first meeting of 20 exegetes and ministers of the Word in the Arabic speaking countries of the Near and Middle East took place on the island of Cyprus. The second Cyprus Meeting in February 1988 focused on the topic “The Reading of the Bible in our Middle East context”. This meeting paved a way and provided direction for the biblical apostolate in the entire region.

News from this Region

Towards the CBF 10th Plenary Assembly: Catholic Biblical Federation in Middle East
21 May 2021

On the way towards the CBF Plenary Assembly we've presented the reality and future perspectives of the Middle East Region in the interventions of some representatives of the institutions that compose it.

+ Father Peter Madros
11 Feb 2021

The Biblical Federation in the Middle East is deeply saddened by the passing from this earthly existence of one of its members, Fr. Peter Madros; he has now entered the heavenly glory at the age of 71, after a life totally devoted to pastoral and academic work in the service of the Word.

E-biblical Ministry during Covid-19 in Lebanon
09 May 2020

LEBANON: 2019-2020 were two extremely challenging years for the Lebanese society on several aspects: Economy and Covid-19 Pandemic.


Solidarity campaign the Catholic Biblical federation of Middle East did for Iraq in 2014.

CBF Middle East Biblical Conferences

The Biblical Conferences organized every two years by the Catholic Biblical Federation in the Middle East take place since 1993 in Lebanon.

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