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September 2021

In preparation for the Plenary Assembly of the Catholic Biblical Federation in April 2022, we invite all members and friends of our Federation to pray for God’s blessing, the Holy Spirit’s guidance, and the intercession of Mary, the Mother of the Word, for all its regions and their activities. 

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Presentation of the Region

Oceania is the youngest region in the Federation, with great challenges in the areas of organization, structure, and cooperation among its members, typical of any beginning. The greatest factor underlying these difficulties are enormous distances that separate the islands and countries of Oceania. Australia and Papua New Guinea play a leading role in the region through relatively well-developed structures and availability of resources. An encouraging sign is that these relatively young Christian Churches understand the need for a sound biblical foundation for their communities and recognize its vital role in the growth of their faith.

News from this Region

New CBF member from Oceania
10 Jul 2020

The Executive Committee of the Catholic Biblical Federation, in its meeting on July 07, 2020, admitted to the Catholic Biblical Federation 2 new associate members. One of them is Broken Bay Institute - The Australian Institute of Theological Education (Australia).

Broken Bay Institute - The Australian Institute of Theological Education (Australia)

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